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magellan IP • intellectual property • brazil

We are an innovative firm providing prosecution and consulting services in all areas of intellectual property in Brazil, ranging from prosecution and administrative litigation before the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office to general consulting services. Brazilian intellectual property from a different perspective!


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A client focused approach, rooted in high quality, efficiency, transparency, ethics and equality values.


client focus

At magellan IP we maintain a close and personal relationship with our clients. We know that different problems require different solutions and we treat each client as unique. In order to better advise our clients, we encourage regular meetings, even when far apart. By focusing on our clients´ goals we are able to provide them with customized high quality services that bring value added to their businesses. And ultimately to ours. 


We use a world renowned cloud based encrypted project and matter management system and our practice is 100% paper free. This means that we can safely access our files, anytime, anywhere and are able to provide more reliable and efficient results. In order to better advise our clients, we encourage regular face-to-face meetings, even when far apart. We have the video-conference technology to make this happen without the unnecessary travel time and added costs. Our productivity is not obstructed by bureaucracy and conflicting internal issues that often affect many established IP and law firms.


We aim to act with honesty and integrity. We conduct ourselves and our business affairs in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws, striving to be a respected firm worldwide. We take conflicts seriously and never place ourselves knowingly in a position where a conflict of interest may arise. We only represent businesses that are aligned with our beliefs and we do not knowingly support any organization which adopts illegal, unethical or discriminatory policies and practices


magellan IP is committed to offering high quality services. Gold-standard service is at the core of our professional DNA. We also take pride in always advising our clients regarding their realistic chances of success and potential pitfalls before embracing a new project. Our clients are often offered creative alternative strategies to their problems but are never sold unnecessary services or services that we may not be fully equipped to provide. 

fair pricing

We understand that obtaining superior results and controlling the cost of acquiring and managing IP portfolios are often competing priorities for our clients. As a result, we have devoted time and thought to structuring our firm without costly overheads and educating our members so that we achieve our goal of providing the highest quality services at the most reasonable cost to the client. We let our clients know what things cost. Most of our services have a fixed fee and when this is not the case, costs are informed on a project-by-project basis. We also offer our clients the opportunity to subscribe to intellectual property services and pay one fixed amount each month for unlimited services in key areas. 


We value diversity and individual contributions. We promote a trusting and inclusive environment that reflects the values of magellan IP. We are proud to relate to our colleagues and clients in a way that is genuine and promotes open discussion and mutual respect. We want to build an engaging and creative place to work where every individual matters.